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My accomplishments, news and thoughts.


Some Updates for March:-My newest article for discusses great side projects by well known punk artists, check it out here.-Unsitched, our scripted sketch comedy about puppets in the real world is now going in a different direction, Kodi Baker, Joanna Kelly and myself are now writing a pilot presentation which we hope to shop to networks later this year!


Some Updates for April:-I had a great acting gig this past weekend, an industrial film for EF Educational. I'd love to give a big shout out to the director of the project, Joe Hernandez for running a clean ship and helping to provide a great experience! Footage to come soon!-As 2014 moves along, as does my work with the great shopping site Grabworthy, which I write articles for in a freelance capacity. Check out some of my latest articles.




Happy new year!!I started my 2014 off with a bang and I couldn't be happier! I had a great film shoot with the amazing folks at Golden Era Productions. I played a depressed train engineer and the shoot was a blast! I want to send a special shout out to everyone from the casting department to the film crew who were so amazingly great to work with. I honestly have never had a more efficient and enjoyable film shoot in my life and I mean it!Details on where to see the final product to come!


I am happy to announce that my short story Hanger Nade has been published in the first issue of Transfusion Literary Magazine. A special thanks to the fine people at Bleeding Hearts Publications for including my story in this fine anthology. You can pick up your own kindle copy at


Hanger Nade, a fictional short story is the the story of a young boy with down's syndrome and his struggles with the outside world.



New Writing Gig Alert! I am thrilled to announce that I am a now a contributing writer for the punk rock music website where I will be focusing on editorial articles. If you get a chance, check out my Smartest Guys in Punk and Punk's Most Wanted articles!


Another first for me! I have joined the exciting production of Unstitched, a half hour comedy pilot, as a staff writer/performer.For anyone not in the know, Unstitched is an upcoming sketch/talk show starring Gelmo, a puppet with a sharp sense of humor and a wild sense of humor. The show will feature comedy sketches, monologue jokes and exclusive interviews with some of the top names in comedy.If you would like to get a sneak peak of some exclusive Unstitched content, check out the Facebook Page.

I am thrilled to announce that my deserted island comedy screenplay Disaster Island has been selected as an Offical Selection at this years Oaxaca International Film Festival in Mexico. This screenplay is my pride and joy and I am so honored to have it nominated!






For anyone not in the know, I am currently a contributer to super awesome It's areally great website about all things nerdy, that includes movies, video games, books, you name it.Check out my weekly entertainment updates, top 5 lists and reviews of The Following. See you there!


I am pleased to announce that I have completed work on a special Christmas movie. The screenplay is titled Brandon's Christmas Wish and it is a light drama about Brandon, a young boy living in a troubled home enviornment. His only friend is his stuffed bunny with the name of Marshmallow. His only dream is to find a family that will love and appreciate him in time for Christmas. He goes on a journey, meeting some interesting characters along the way. In the end, the story ends with a positive conclusion.If you would like to request a synopsis, treatment or the full screnplay, feel free to email me at I would love to share it with you and it's the perfect time of year to read a nice holiday story.




Greetings Everyone!My work "The Process" has been published by Mountain Tales Press has beenpublished, check it out here:v The Process – Whisperings magazine.v Publisher – Mountain Tales Press []v Newsstand ink-print & digital print – 1 - ISSUE 1 WHISPERINGS - 2012By Carl Fredsti46 pages, published 8/29/2012Hello—welcome to the Inaugural Issue of Whisperings magazine, published four times a yearfor and about writers and artists, and readers and viewers throughout the literary and visual cultural world. Whisperings brings to the reader rich works of contemporary writing of legacy in memoirs, savory legends and tall tales of folklore, layering of meanings, symbolism and irony of poetry. Listen to the natural flow of words of prose or the genres of short fiction, or crisp thoughts in an essay. For those moments when you only have ten minutes for reading . . . we present works of flash prose. Weaved into this literary tapestry are visual works. For the viewer, Whisperings brings a visual world of non-fiction photography, rich vivid photographic essays, and the art styles of folk art, art deco, Plakatstil, contemporary art, Dadaism and futurism art. Size:Standard 8.25" x 10.75"46 pages Perfect-boundCategory:Literature & WritingTags:art, essay, flash fiction, flash prose, folklore, memoirs, novel Excepts, painting, photography, poetry, Prose, short story, ya, youth authors Print: $14.85Free Digital with Print Purchase!Digital:$4.65 Both Print & Digital: $14.85 Digital includes iPad and PDF versions. More info on Purchasing..



Happy New Year!A new year, a new screenplay. Life's A Beach is a comedy I wrote about a group of friends stuck on a seemingly deserted island. I call it The Hangover meets Without a paddle. If you would like to read it can be sent to or just fill out the guestbook!



New Project Announcement!I've decided that my next screenplay project will be a christmas movie. I have the beginning outlining stage in process and should be done with the completed script in the next few months!



Exciting update time! Where do I start?!?My short film script "One Moment" has been accepted and is now an official selection in the Action on Film International Film festival!! On August 5th I will find out if i am nominated for an award and I will be sure to keep you in the loop!In short fiction news, my flash fiction story "Dear Susan" will be published in Fiction Brigade's newest E-Book "Luscious: A Flash Fiction Collection of Sex and Relationships" which will be released everywhere including, be sure to pick up a copy and enjoy some short and engaging stories!Finally, I have a bunch of new stories that are finished, revised and ready for reading. You can check them out on the short stories section of this site. Two are flash fiction tales, another is a dramatic story about the horrors within each of us. The final story is a humorous take about an alien race that enslaves all of humanity, hillarious! Don't forget to sign my guestbook if you get a chance. Good comments, insults, hate mail, I want to hear it all.Justin



Happy Monday Everyone!An update on my film "One Moment" which was nominated for Best Short and Best Dialogue at the Action on Film International film festival. I have decided to produce the film and I need your help!. In order to pay the actors and get professional equipment, I have started a Kickstarter page which can be found at Any donations are much appreciated, anything from a dollar on up and there are rewards for certain donation amounts. Please tell your friends and let's make this happen!In other news, I just wrapped an industrial for Toshiba. They have a new health plan for all of their employees and I was able to play John, a fit guy in his 20's. It was a lot of fun and I worked with a great group of people. I hope to get that footage soon and share it all with you here on the site.'That's it for now, thanks for listening.Justin


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy yourselves while I regail you with updates about myselft!My short story Simple Simon has been making the rounds lately. I was given an honorable mention in Allegory Magazine ( and now is going to be published in the new Future Eyes anthology from PaleHouse ( I'm also in production on two more short stories. An additioni to my 'Second Chances" collection as well as a brand new story that I am working on for First Line Magazine. (, I am auditioning for an in production television show, The Keystone Killer. You can see my audition on the facebook page ( Please leave a comment and have a great weekend!Justin



Just found out that my story/essay 'The Process' is to be published in the Mountain Tales Press;, print and internet! You'll actually be able to buy this one people! That's 3 out of 5 short stories that I've written being published!




Just saw the movie Cronicle, best movie of the year! Must be one of the best found footage films of the year, other than my found footage film Seether of course. Oh yeah, by the way, a clip of my screenplay for seether can be found on the writing tab, and the entire script can be read by request.But Cronicle really was a great movie, its what people would really do if they had superpowers. They wouldn't wear underwear on their head and fight for justice, they would fuck with people the don't like, steal everything and show their true colors. This film is all about that and the special effects are out of this world. I recommend everyone go see it.Oh yeah, and Whitney Houston died.




Just did an exciting shoot for Craigslist TV. In it I play both an enthusiastic golfer and a preppy happy hour guest. It was a lot of fun and I was able to work with a bunch of great actors. I'm excited to see the final product and for all of you to see it as well. Don't worry, I'll let you all know when the final product is up. Have a great weekend!


See the front page for my commercial for Lion Rock Recovery. It is a great overview of one of the many programs that Lion Rock provides for recovering addicts in all walks of life. Instead of going across town and wasting gas going to recovery meetings, you can join your support group from the comfort of your own home!I had a great time doing the shoot, the crew of Lion Rock was extremely helpful and comforting and it was a lot of fun. I want to thank Iain Crabb and Joan Schumacher for choosing me and being so great.See the video on the front page of this site, search for Lion Rock on youtube or at Lion Rock Recovery's home at



Hello and welcome to the official first entry in my blog! I want to thank you for visiting my new website! I hope you enjoy all my videos and writings and please feel free to contact me about anything!I was very excited to create my own website. Although it was a lot of work, the hardest part may have been creating my domain name. Obviously I went with the most direct route, having my name as the domain. However it took a lot of soul searching to reach that decision. I did a lot of internet searching to see how other websites got their name. Most websites have names that describe their purpose. is a site where you can see pictures of all your friends faces, helps you to cheat at scrabble, seems simple enough. But for as many obvious site names, there just as many that are less than literal. Ever been on It's just a music site, there's no mention of sharks or any other sea life anywhere. is nice for shopping but it's the last place you want to go when doing research on the Amazon rain forest. And what the hell is a google?!?And that's just the tip of the iceberg, when you get a chance, check out this site which teaches youth about their natural human organs at Join this site for tips on having healthy lungs at are plenty of personal websites with something for everyone. For a complete index of ugly people visit Seeking others with depression? Check out other countries are getting in on the trend with their domain names. The Dominican Republic has a great informational site about hurricanes at Visit this french site to see their serious plans at work for world domination at Italy even has a site that catalogs all of Lindsay Lohan films at something to do on a lonely saturday, visit the norwegian site If you've ever wondered where Charlie Sheen does his cocaine visit the Israeli site And for Lybia's fan site for singer Susan Boyle, visit long story short, I went with, it seemed like the best choice and I think you'll agree. Thanks for reading my first blog and thanks for visiting the site, tell your friends!Justin


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