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I have written screen plays in a variety of genres. From Comedy to Horror to Drama, I love writing it all.Below I have excerpts of several of my screenplays. If you would like to see more please contact me at

Fade In:EXT. FARM PROPERTY - NIGHTAn aged brick farmhouse, two stories in height, sits beneath a full and pale moon. Outside the lonely structure we hear the faint hoot of an owl. The owl rests upon a decrepit wooden barn across the yard, its eyes intensely fixated upon the brick home's sole lit room.The owl darts off towards the illuminated window and rest on its sill. INT. FARM HOUSE - NIGHT - CONTINUOUSThe dirtied face of a beautiful young girl, 10, as she sleeps upright, bound to a wooden chair. A tear, black as night, comes from her closed eye and crawls down her cheek.The girl's eyes shoot open, wide with terror. She begins to shake and convulse, her restricted body wrenching against the strong chair.All around her the horrified cries of others spill into her ears as she writhes with pain.Terror takes over. She looks down to her bare arms and watches as they bulge and pulsate as blackness fills her veins. The young girl's shaking intensifies, she gags and chokes before vomiting a thick, dark, liquid upon herself. She becomes viscous almost instantly. She sneers, taunts, and snaps her teeth at the faceless, crying shadowy figures around her.As the maleficent substance quickly consumes the rest of her being, what's left of the young girl's humanity lets out a horrifically long scream that increasingly thickens and deepens as it's assimilated by the evil filling her body.INT. BEDROOM - MORNINGA hand-held camera powers on, the date and time are displayed: Oct 12, 1999. Everything is being seen through the camera.PRESTON (O.S.)And we are recording. Right?PRESTON, 27, flips the camera towards him. It captures his all American smile as he checks to make sure the 'recording' light is on. PRESTONOk, let's see what she's up to.Preston flips the camera back around and pans it across their bedroom before heading out of the room. INT. STAIRS - CONTINUOUSHeading down the stairs, he turns the camera to himself and whispers.PRESTONToday is Rachel's birthday, I'm throwing a surprise party for her, she has no idea!INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUSPreston arrives in the living room. Through the camera he see's RACHEL, 27, a gorgeous woman dressed in a pantsuit, sitting up on the couch, eating cereal while watching the news. As he creeps up from behind her he slows to a stop, viewing a news program being shown on the television.ON TELEVISION SCREENREPORTER...and today marks the fifth day in the search for ten-year-old Sara Reynolds. If you haven't been following, Sara was last seen at home Sunday evening, around the hours of seven and eight. The young girl's distraught mother appears on the screen, mascara and tears running down her cheeks.MOTHERThis past birthday I made her a new favorite blankey. It says 'Golden Little Seashell' on it. I made two, it looks identical to this one.The mother presents the blanket to the news camera.MOTHERShe'll have that with her, that'll help you know it's her.The screen cuts back to the reporter.REPORTERTogether with local authorities, the girl's mother, Ms. Tammy Reynolds, is asking that anyone who might have information about her daughter's whereabouts please contact their local police or fire departments immediately. In the mean time, the search for Sara Reynolds continues.BACK TO SCENEAs Rachel switches off the television, Preston sneaks up behind the couch. Holding the camera in hand, he taps her shoulder. Startled, she turns towards him and the camera.PRESTON (O.S.)Happy birthday sweetheart!Rachel smiles through her teeth, but is clearly all business at the moment.RACHELBaby, put the camera down, I got to get to work.Preston runs around to the other side of the couch, sitting next to Rachel. He puts his arm around her, points the camcorder at their faces, and persists.PRESTONToday is Rachel's birthday. Rachel works a lot.RACHELI don't work that much.PRESTONShe always complains that she works so much that she's starting to forget the little things. So today I'm taping her 28th birthday diary. So she'll always remember it.RACHELOh baby, that's so sweet!Rachel gives Preston a kiss on the cheek.RACHELBut I gotta go, I'm gonna be late!She gets up from the couch and runs to the table, picking up her work bag. Preston follows, camera in hand.RACHELPreston!Rachel takes a deep breath, a look of exhaustion comes over her body.RACHELYou're goofy and sweet and I love you. Gotta go Mr. Spielberg. PRESTON (O.S.)Are you still going to meet me at my dads farm after work?Rachel crams her feet into work-heels. RACHELTell me again why we have to go to that old place? Can't we just stay at the apartment tonight?Rachel opens the front door and beings stepping out.PRESTON (O.S.)Come on! It'll be great, we'll be all alone, I can give you my patented Preston oil massage, the one that makes you scream! It's on 20 acres, no one else around for miles, you can scream as loud as you want and I won't have to put the pillow over your face!Rachel turns around and peeks her head back inside.RACHELPreston, you ass! You better not show anyone that tape!PRESTON (O.S.)Relax, I won't, it's just for you and me.RACHELAlright, I love you but I really have to go.PRESTON (O.S.)Ok, so the farm, after work?Rachel blows Preston a kiss.RACHELFine, the farm it is. But don't you dare forget that oil!She sticks her tongue out at him, winks, and then shuts the door.Preston turns the camera back around to his face and laughs.PRESTONPlease don't be angry at me for this! I love you and I can't wait to watch this with you! Camera OFF. INT. PRESTON'S CAR - DAYCamera ON.He drives in his car, left hand on the steering wheel, right hand holding the camera, pointing it towards his face. PRESTONThis is probably illegal.Preston points the camera at the steering wheel as he makes a turn, laughs about it, and then angels it back at himself.PRESTONSo I think I did a pretty good job, You clearly have no idea I'm throwing you a surprise party. First stop, Kate and Mikey. This should be good. Camera OFF. EXT. MIKEY'S APARTMENT - DAYCamera ON. Preston's films through the windshield as he pulls up to the front gate of Mikey's apartment where his friends wait out front.KATE, 26, opens the rear door of the car and gets in. Kate's a firecracker, the type of girl most men drool over and she knows it.Preston frames Kate with the camera. KATEHey Preston.PRESTON (O.S.)Kate, what's new?KATEWell I'm missing an Adam Lambert concert, but other than that, just this.Kate's eyes divert to Preston's left, just outside the car. Suddenly there's a HUGE banging sound on the side of the car and Preston receives a punch in the arm, causing him to drop the camera.PRESTON (O.S.)You asshole!Preston recovers the camera and swings around to see his best friend, MIKEY, 26, a junior Incredible Hulk, tall and thick with muscles.MIKEYAre you ready to par-tay!PRESTON (O.S.)Ass, it's just a small get together for Rachel.MIKEYSure, small is great, but a little tequila doesn't hurt.With that Mikey holds up two large bottles of tequila, pushing them to and fro in front of the camera's lens.Preston reaches out and gives his friend a light push backwards.PRESTON (O.S.)You jackass, just get in, we've got a lot of stuff to do!Mikey runs around the front of the car and gets in the passenger seat.INT. PRESTON'S CAR - DAY - CONTINUOUSPreston swings the camera around, once again narrating to a future Rachel.PRESTONThe little things, right? He moves the camera a bit, making sure to get Mikey and Kate in the shot too.MIKEYOk, let's do your queer party shit.Preston hands the camera to Mikey and puts the car in drive. Mikey looks into the camera lens with a grimace.MIKEYWhat's with the camera?PRESTON (O.S.)I'm doing a little birthday-diary-thing for Rach.MIKEYOh God, that is so gay.PRESTON (O.S.)Relax. Just shut up and film some stuff for me while I drive, ok? Mikey directs the camera at Preston, faking a newscaster voice.MIKEY (O.S.)We're here with Preston Thomas, who has dated the same chick for the last 10 years. Wait, hold on, I'm being told that he will be stuck with the same pussy for the rest of his life. Any comments?PRESTONFuck off.Mikey shakes off the accent.MIKEY (O.S.)No, seriously. Doesn't it bother you that you're never gonna get to have sex with any other chick again?PRESTONNo, it doesn't. I'm in love with Rachel. Love, Mikey, love.MIKEY (O.S.)Yeah, that's gay.Kate intervenes from the back.KATEI wouldn't talk Mike, you're not gonna get any either. You can't even keep it up for more than five minutes.MIKEY (O.S.)Oh shut the fuck up! I might keep it up if you didn't lay there like a dead fish.KATEOh I'm no fish.MIKEY (O.S.)Well the smell tells a different story.Mikey moves an arm down into the back seat of the car and playfully pinches Kate's leg. Kate grabs her purse, grins, and hits Mikey in the back of the head.KATEFuck you asshole, don't touch me.At a red light, Mikey hands the camera back to Preston.MIKEYOk, now you're going to get it!Preston watches as Mikey leans back over his seat. Kate laughs as the two engage in a battle of playful pinching.PRESTON (O.S.)You see this babe? This is exactly why I'm making a birthday diary. Priceless.Camera OFF. INT. PARTY STORE - DAYCamera ON.Mikey films as the group walks into a party/Halloween store.MIKEY (O.S.)What are we getting here anyway?PRESTONI don't know. Streamers, balloons, that sort of stuff.kateOh, sexy costumes!Kate runs off to the other side of the store, Mikey follows, throwing Preston the camera.PRESTONDon't worry guys, I'll do everything.Preston futzes with the camera's zoom and focus.Suddenly, from behind, a pair of hands black out the camera's lens. ZOE (o.s.)Guess who!PRESTON (O.S.)Oh I know that voice.Preston turns around to spot ZOE, 28, a tall, thin 'girl next door' with glasses and a nice smile.PRESTON (O.S.)Hey girl, I'm glad you came, I'm not really getting a lot of help from those two.ZoeOf course! Rachel's my best friend, I love you guys!PRESTON (O.S.)So where's Brent?ZOEHe's busy watching the game at home. But he says he'll meet us there.PRESTON (O.S.)Always the helper.ZoeYou know him, he misses the game, I'll never hear the end of it.PRESTON (O.S.)Well let's get everything, you're on balloon detail, kay'?ZOEO-kay'!Preston walks down an isle and spots Mikey and Kate. Kate is wearing a 'Sexy Meow-Meow' costume, complete with cat ears and furry tail. The couple is making out hardcore, rubbing against each other, hands wandering.PRESTON (O.S.)Jesus guys, we're in public.Mikey keeps his face buried in Kate's neck while giving Preston the middle finger. PRESTON (O.S.)Yeah, sperm count or IQ? Mikey lifts his face from Kate and slaps her ass.MIKEYSperm count. For sure.Preston and Zoe laugh, half appalled.Camera OFF.EXT. JEWELERY STORE - DAYCamera ON.For the rest of the screenplay, please email me at justinzipprich@live.comThanks for Reading!

Seether is a found footage horror film. It begins with an innocent birthday party. Everyone is having a great time until the essence of evil wreaks havoc on their lives.

SEETHER by Justin Zipprich & Matt Strnad

FADE IN:INT. ENTERTAINMENT NOW! STUDIO - DAYDIRECTOR’S BOOTHA tape recorder starts rolling... A hand counts down... The stage burst to life... Theme music kicks off... SUPER: “ENTERTAINMENT NOW!” MARIA SANCHEZ, a beautiful woman in her mid 20’s and the long time host of America’s favorite entertainment and gossip show sits behind her news desk. MARIA SANCHEZ Good evening pop culture lovers and welcome to Entertainment Now! I’m your host, Maria Sanchez and welcome to our Hollywood legends special. These are the famous faces who have changed the face of Hollywood. Maria Sanchez turns to a second camera. MARIA SANCHEZ (CONT’D) When you think of Hollywood innovators, you usually think of the usual suspects, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Luke Noll. Pictures of Speilberg, Tarantino and finally Luke Noll appear next to the host. MARIA SANCHEZ (CONT’D) Luke Noll you ask? Noll ended up turning the industry upside down. He joins us today. Maria turns her chair to face LUKE NOLL, sitting in the seat across from her. LUKE NOLL, 27, is a tall, lanky young man with eye glasses and shoulder length hair. A permanent inquisitive look on his face. He’s just the odd guy at a party that you just have to meet. LUKE Hi MARIA SANCHEZ Luke, you’ve led an interesting life, and maybe changed a few yourself. But let’s not spoil the ending, why don’t you start from the beginning. LUKE Alright, I got my first job when I was twenty five, it was part time, at a place called Happy Videos, in Chicago. INT. HAPPY VIDEOS RENTAL STORE - CONTINUOUS Luke is busy at work behind the counter of the video store. He smiles as he sorts DVD cases. LUKE (V.O.) I worked about twelve hours a week and that was okay with me. Luke has finished sorting the dvd cases and walks back up to the counter for more. Luke has a sluggish walk that is anything but prideful. LUKE (V.O.) (CONT’D) I was happy living with my parents and being at the video store. My life was complete. But I guess my friends wanted a change. While Luke is still hard at work, his friends JOHNNY and BIRCH bust through the entrance, full of excitement. BIRCH, 26, is a shorter young man with glasses and usually a serious expression on his face. JOHNNY, 27, is a tall, skinnier kid, dark curly hair and a naturally excitable attitude. JOHNNY Luke, buddy! What’s up my man! Johnny sets up a high five. Luke extends his hand to meet it. Instead of a slap, Luke simply touches his palm. BIRCH Luke, please tell me you’ve packed. Luke continues sorting. LUKE Yeah, I started, what’s the hurry? We’ve still got a month. BIRCH Not anymore my friend! You’re not going to believe this. I already landed a job out there. I got a sweet gig in Encino, web design, I start on Monday. Luke is excited for his friend, he puts the rest of the dvds on the shelf. LUKE Oh wow! Way to go, that's amazing! Luke gives Birch a hug, which Birch accepts. LUKE (CONT’D) But that's only four days from now. Johnny slaps Luke on the back. JOHNNY That's right buddy! We leave the day after tomorrow, six a.m. Luke begins to get anxious. LUKE But that’s too soon. I have so much to do. I gotta say goodbye to my aunts and uncles, pack my stuff, and what about my job? I gotta give my manager two weeks notice! JOHNNY Pack what? You have like three pairs of pants, a few sci-fi books and that old teddy bear that you always drag around with you. Luke shrugs. LUKE That’s Cupcake. My neighbor gave that bear to me when I was ten, I can’t just get rid of her. JOHNNY Didn’t that neighbor get life in prison? BIRCH Yeah, that was all over the news, that bear was filled with two pounds of cocaine. Luke shuffles his feet, unsure, he looks at the many dvd titles on the shelf beside him. BIRCH (CONT’D) Besides, everything is coming together! I got this sweet job and johnny’s gonna make it big, the guys a great actor, an agent would be a fool not to sign him. On cue, Johnny drops down to one knee, an invisible skull in his hand, he begins the famous Shakespeare lines, clearly messing them up. JOHNNY To be or not too be, that is thy question. Whether tis nobbler in the mind to fluffer the bows and arrows of... Johnny trails off. BIRCH I’m not sure those are the words pal. Birch grabs Johnny's hand and pulls him up to his feet. Johnny shrugs off the bad memorization. JOHNNY Man, I’m gonna make it big, just like Leo DiCaprio. I mean, who could resist this face? Johnny pauses, waiting for confirmation on his looks. LUKE I couldn’t. BIRCH Yes, you’re a very attractive man. JOHNNY Plus, the beer flows like water, there’s great clubs and celebrities. It’s gonna be the time of our lives! Birch nods to Luke. BIRCH Please tell me you’ve been looking for a job out there. LUKE Not really. I figure its a big place. I’ll probably just find another part time job at a video store or something. BIRCH Well get on that. We leave at six a.m. By Saturday we arrive in Hollywood! EXT. LUKE’S HOME - DAY Luke's mother, father and sister all crowd around him in his driveway. His mom has Luke stuck in a big hug with no intention of letting go. MRS. NOLL is a sweet and slender woman in her early 50’s. MRS. NOLL You be careful out there. Stay close to your friends and stay away from strangers, especially those crips and bloods, I heard they’re ruthless. LUKE I’ll be careful mom. I’ve got Johnny and Birch to protect me, and I always have Cupcake with me for good luck. Luke holds up Cupcake, his old ratty teddy bear. MR. NOLL, 50, a stern man with white hair and glasses intervenes. MR. NOLL Son, I would lose the bear, you know in addition to the drugs, Mr. Radcliff killed a lot of people, that’s why he’s rotting in prison. A noisy car pulls up to the driveway. The car parks, Johnny and Birch get out and approach the group. BIRCH We’re set Luke, you ready to go? LUKE Yeah I guess. MRS. NOLL You boys better take good care of my baby boy. JOHNNY Don’t you worry Mrs. Noll. We got an apartment in a safe part of town and everything is gonna be fine. BIRCH Plus, I already got a steady job and Johnny already has a meeting set up with a talent scout, we’re hitting the ground running. Mr. Noll fetches Luke's suitcase and heads for the car. MR. NOLL Alright, you boys better get moving, don’t want to get caught in morning traffic. LUKE Yeah, you’re right, let’s go guys. INT./EXT. BIRCH’S CAR - DAY - CONTINUOUS Luke shuts the car door behind him and gets settled in the back seat. Johnny turns in the shotgun seat, facing both Birch and Luke. JOHNNY Gentleman, today we start the first day of the rest of our lives. BIRCH Amen brother! LUKE Let’s do it! JOHNNY Tri-five! The three friends put their hand up and slap. Birch puts the car in drive. EXT. BIRCH’S CAR - CONTINUOUS The car pulls away from the curb as Luke’s family waves goodbye from the driveway. INSERT - MAP OF COUNTRY A line on a map represents their drive across the states, finally ending in California. SUPER: THREE DAYS LATER INT./EXT. BIRCH’S CAR - DAY Birch is driving, obviously exhausted, he struggles to keep his eyes open. Johnny is fast asleep in the passenger seat, snoring loudly. Luke is sitting in the back seat, staring out the side window. They pass a road sign: “Hollywood Boulevard: 2 Miles”. Birch suddenly perks up, he slaps Johnny in the chest. Johnny startles awake. JOHNNY Ow, what the hell? BIRCH Guys, we’re here! We made it to Hollywood! Johnny jumps up in the seat and Luke moves to the middle of the backseat. LUKE Wow, I can’t believe we’re really here. BIRCH This is even cooler than in the pictures! JOHNNYWell what are you waiting for? Park this puppy, I want to show these people, the new king of Hollywood has arrived! EXT. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD - DAY The streets are loaded with bustling tourist of all ages, crowding the sidewalks. Luke is taking pictures as Birch and Johnny excite over the sights and sounds. The three friends walk down the Hollywood walk of fame. JOHNNY I can’t believe it, all of the greatest movie stars of all time are on this sidewalk! Johnny reads off the names as they pass them. JOHNNY (CONT’D) Desi Arnez! Tom Cruise! Andy Dick! They’re all here! The guys walk past the Grauman's Chinese Theater, their excitement continues. BIRCH I could make one hundred web sites just on this theater alone! JOHNNY Two years, I give myself two years and I’ll have my name on this sidewalk! Luke watches from a few feet away as his two friends run around like kids, full of excitement. He smiles, just glad to see his friends happy. EXT. HOLLYWOOD WEST APARTMENTS - NIGHT The Hollywood West Apartments have seen better days. It’s missing roof panels and is in desperate need of a paint job. A large neon sign announces the apartments name. Birch pulls into the parking lot. INT. HOLLYWOOD WEST APARTMENTS - NIGHT - CONTINUOUSThe apartment is very small and dirty. It features a small living room and a mini hall that leads to two other small bedrooms. The LANDLORD, a large stocky man in his late 40’s brings Luke, Johnny and Birch into their new apartment, explaining the amenities and rent. LANDLORD Here you are gentleman. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. Heat is included, water, gas and electricity are your responsibility. Rent is due on the first of the month. If you notice cockroaches give me a call and we’ll get an exterminator in here within two or three weeks. Any questions? Johnny shakes hands with the landlord and escorts him out the door. JOHNNY Thank you sir, this place is great... Johnny’s voice trails out as he walks the landlord out. Birch and Luke put down their bags. LUKE The place is nice. BIRCH It seems alright, the walls are a little dirtier that I’d like. LUKE I think it’s great. A little paint and some nice curtains and this place will be just like home. Johnny runs back into the room with his small TV in his hands. BIRCH What are you doing? Don’t you think we should unpack? Johnny plugs in the TV, sets it on the ground and sits in front of it, turning it on. JOHNNY We’ll have time for that later. We’re part of the Hollywood scene now. Let’s find out what’s going on in the neighborhood! Johnny switches the channel to the show “Entertainment Now”. Birch and Luke sit beside him. ON THE TELEVISION Host Maria Sanchez, brings us back from commercial break. MARIA SANCHEZWelcome back to Entertainment Now! In today’s ‘Future Stars” segment we focus on up and comer Simon Moonchild. A picture of SIMON MOONCHILD appears next to the host. Simon Moonchild is a newcomer to the Hollywood scene. Tall, with dark hair and dark brooding eyes, he is your typical, woman loving movie star. MARIA SANCHEZ (CONT’D) Coming from humble beginnings of a single parent home in central Michigan, Moonchild made the move to Los Angeles at the age of seventeen and his career has been on the rise ever since. After his bit part in the latest Aquaman film, Hollywood just can’t seem to keep its hands off this talent. We had a chance to speak with him at the Aquaman premier. Simon is on the red carpet in the middle of the interview with a reporter. A full crowd in the background. SIMON MOONCHILD I’m just so thrilled that the director offered me the role of Fisherman number two in this movie. I’d love to say that its been a long road getting to where I am, but it wasn’t. I basically just showed up in L.A. and the agents just flocked. Simon laughs to himself for a moment. His face turns from laughter to seriousness in a snap. SIMON MOONCHILD (CONT’D) But seriously, I’d like to thank the fans, you are the blood that runs through my veins. Simon smacks his female reporter on the butt. SIMON MOONCHILD (CONT’D) Alright, thanks for the interview sweetheart, gotta keep moving. Simon moves on down the red carpet. SIMON MOONCHILD (O.S.) (CONT’D) Let’s go people, I’m famous, you’re not! The screen returns to host Maria Sanchez. MARIA SANCHEZ Simon can be seen on ABC this fall on the new Cutsey Bootset Teddy Bear reboot which begins filming next month. Simon, we wish you all the best. BACK TO SCENE Johnny turns off the TVFor the rest of the screenplay, please email me at justinzipprich@live.comThanks for Reading!



LUKE NOLL is a comedy about a very shy and akward young man who moves to Hollywood with his friends. He has no real plans or ambitions...until he becomes the biggest star in Hollywood!

INT. APARTMENT HALL - NIGHTKristi and Bradley walk hand in hand down a hall in an apartment complex. Bradley is nicely dressed but Kristi is stunning, wearing a long dress, looking gorgeous. Streamers and decorations hang down signifying that it is New Years Eve. BRADLEY I can’t believe its already new years, are you sure I'm going to like these people? KRISTIOf course, they're my friends, they're fun people. Don't be nervous, it's going to be a great night. BRADLEY You're right, I'm excited. They arrive at the apartment door. They share a quick kiss then open the door and go in. INT. APARTMENT/NEW YEARS EVE PARTY - NIGHT The party is in full swing. The music is loud, drinks are being poured and consumed and everyone's having a blast. Kristi brings Bradley around and introduces him to her friends. They kick back drinks. At midnight everyone gathers around the TV and counts down the seconds till the new year. When it hits, everyone cheers and kisses. EXT. PATIO - NIGHT Bradley and Kristi stand on the patio, looking at the stars when a slow song is heard from inside. The couple embraces, slow dancing to the song. KRISTI What a night, I've had a blast! BRADLEY Yeah, this was great. I love you. Kristi is stunned. KRISTI Oh Bradley, I've been waiting to hear those words, I love you too! They kiss, Bradley pulls an item out of his pocket. BRADLEY I really mean it, these last months have been the greatest of my life. I've never known anyone like you. That's why I wanted to give you this.He presents her with a ring. BRADLEY (CONT’D) This was my grandmothers ring, she gave it to me before she died. It's my most precious possession. I told myself that when I found the girl that I truly loved that I would give it to her, so I'm giving it to you. KRISTI Bradley, It's stunning! He slips the ring onto her finger. KRISTI (CONT’D) I love it and I love you, so very much. They kiss each other passionately on the lips. As their passion escalates, Bradley moves down, kissing her on the neck. She pulls him closer, as they really get into it.INT. KRISTI'S APARTMENT/BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS The door to Kristi's bedroom bursts open as she and Bradley move into the room, still kissing and removing each others clothes. Kristi throws him onto the bed then jumps on top of him. They roll around on the bed like animals, sheets fly!LATER The couple lays in bed, naked under the sheets, holding each other, gazing into each others eyes. BRADLEY (V.O.) After that night I knew I'd never want to be with anyone else. She was all I needed and I was all she needed. Then one day she caught me off guard.INT. KRISTI'S APARTMENT - EVENING Bradley enters the front door after a day at class. He throws his backpack down on the couch. BRADLEY What a day! I've got all this homework, I'm definitely going to need your help with some of it. He looks up and notices that Kristi is putting on her jacket. BRADLEY Where are you going? KRISTI Oh, I didn't tell you? I'm going to go over to Preston's house for a little while. Nothing big, we're just going to hang out. BRADLEY Oh really? I was going to make us dinner. She approaches him and gives him a hug. KRISTI Go ahead and make yourself something nice, I'll be back by nine. She gives him a kiss then leaves out the door. LATER Bradley is trying to do his class work. Book open, writing in his notebook. He glances at the clock. The display reads: “7:00 PM”.LATERBradley sits back on the couch, switching between looking at the screen and the clock. The display now reads: “7:55 PM”. He closes his eyes, falling asleep. INT. PRESTON'S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT - DREAM Kristi and Preston are looking at pictures of Bradley while laughing coldly. PRESTON Why don’t you leave this loser and come to bed with me? KRISTI Ok! INT. PRESTON'S BEDROOM - NIGHT - DREAM Candles are lit all around, soft music is playing, Preston points to his bed, Kristi smiles at him. The two go in for a kiss. Just as they are about to touch lips... INT. KRISTI'S APARTMENT - EVENING The front door closes, Bradley shoots up from his nightmare. It’s just Kristi returning home. KRISTI Hey babe, I'm back. Bradley gets off the couch and comes to her. BRADLEY Hey, you guys have fun? KRISTI Yeah I guess, just talked, nothing serious, you ready for bed? Bradley over exaggerates a big stretch with his arms. BRADLEY Yep, I'm exhausted. KRISTI Get any studying done? BRADLEY You bet, all done! KRISTI Good, now get in that bedroom, we've got some snuggling to do. INT. BRADLEY’S DORM - NIGHTBradley lays on his dorm bed. Bored, he flips though the television channels. BRADLEY (V.O.) Over the next couple weeks, Kristi seemed to spend all her free time over at Preston's, always coming home with vague excuses. Studying one night, hanging out another. He looks at a picture of them at the new years eve party on his night stand. BRADLEY (V.O.) (CON’T) I hadn’t seen her in over a week. I knew she’d never do anything to hurt me but I just couldn't help but be jealous and angry. INT. LIBRARY - DAY Bradley brings a pile of books over to a table where his classmate Ryan is sitting. BRADLEY These are all the books we need to get sources from. RYAN (sarcastic)Great, sounds really fun. BRADLEY (snappy) Please, for once, just do the assignment. RYAN Fine, what's wrong with you? BRADLEY It's nothing, sorry I snapped. Bradley looks down at his open book and starts to read. Ryan takes the book from him and snaps it shut. RYAN Come on buddy, what is it? How's everything with Kristi? BRADLEY (sarcastic) I don't know, why don't you ask Preston? RYAN Oh boy, who's Preston? BRADLEYNo one really, he's one of Kristi's ex-boyfriends. She's been spending a lot of time at his place lately. RYAN Shit, that doesn't sound good. BRADLEY It's fine, they're just hanging out, at least that's what she tells me. RYAN Studying uh? Yeah, I've "studied" with tons of girls and I've never gotten an A, if you know what I'm saying. Bradley gives Ryan a slight shove from his seat. BRADLEY Shut up, it's not like that. She loves me. It's nothing, forget I brought it up. He looks back down to his book, pretending to read. RYAN I don't know, look at the facts. Hanging out with her ex, some old flames ignite, they're alone. Anything could happen. Bradley starts to get angry. BRADLEY Ok, that's enough, don't be an idiot. RYAN Alright, I'm just saying. Ryan shuffles through the books at Bradley stares on, nervous and unsure.For the rest of the screenplay, please email me at justinzipprich@live.comThanks for Reading!

ONE MOMENT by Justin Zipprich


One Moment is a dramatic short film about the extremes or relationships and those we love and lose.

All material on is copyrighted by Justin Zipprich. Not to be used without permission.

EXT. VEGAS HOTEL - NIGHTLoud party music plays outside of a brightly lit Vegas hotel.INT. HOTEL HALLWAY - CONTINUOUSIn the hallway leading up to the suite, beer cans and cigarette butts are strewn about. Two friends come down the hall, stumbling and supporting each other. Behind them, another guy pukes all over the floor.A fourth guy comes out of the doors and slips on the vomit, landing flat on his back. The friend who threw up points and laughs then pukes again on his fallen friend.INT. HOTEL SUITE - CONTINUOUSInside the suite, random guys drink, laugh and dance with topless strippers.ROSS (late 20s), a three hundred pound land monster and nerdy counterpart MELVIN (20s), stand over a passed out friend.MELVINDude, I think he may be dead.ROSSNah, he’s just taking a long nap. There’s your lesson. Never mix booze, meth and painkillers.MELVINI think this party may be getting a little out of hand.ROSSWould you relax? It’s a bachelor party, it’s supposed to be insane.MELVINI guess, but it would be nice if the guy who was getting married was actually here?ROSSYou’re right. Where is Travis?MELVINI’m not sure but I have a feeling that Megan has something to do with this. I’m going to give him a call.ROSSGood idea, you do that. I’ll be getting some lap dances from those hot stripers.Ross walks towards the strippers, his arms open to them.ROSS (O.S.) (CONT’D)Take cover you dirty whores. Here comes Moby Dick!Melvin moves to a quieter corner, finger in one ear, phone on the other. It rings.INTERCUT - HOTEL SUITE/TRAVIS’S KITCHENTRAVIS (20s), the straight arrow, sits at his kitchen table, struggling to tie a knot onto a gift bag. He answers the phone.TRAVISHey Melvin, what’s up?MELVINWhere are you man? We’re having your bachelor party, you’ve got to get here soon.TRAVISI’m sorry, I can’t. Megan says we have to finish these gift bags. Besides, you know how she feels about me being around other women.MELVINCome on, this party is for you. I bet if you ask her nicely she’ll let you come.TRAVISFine, I’ll try.He speaks into the next room using the nicest voice possible.TRAVIS (CONT’D)Babe? You sure I can’t go to the bachelor party? My friends spent a lot of time putting it together and I really, really love you.His fiance MEGAN (20), screeches back at him from the other room.MEGAN (V.O.)Oh yeah, and get crabs from some stripper? No way. If you want a venereal disease, you can get it from me!TRAVISYes dear.He continues with Melvin.TRAVIS (CONT’D)You hear that?MELVINYeah man, are you sure you’re ready to marry her?TRAVISOf course. I love her. She’s just nervous about the wedding cruise. I hope you guys are packed, we need to leave at seven A.M.As Travis is speaking, Melvin looks up to sees a very old FEMALE SECURITY GUARD enter the room. She holds a taser as she yells at some guys mid-keg stand.MELVINYeah sure, all packed. I’ve got to go, I might have a situation here.Melvin ends the call and walks over to Ross as he gets slapped in the face by an angry STRIPPER who then walks away. Ross yells after her.ROSSYou know it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean.STRIPPERYou belong in the fucking ocean you whale!ROSSI’ll take that as a compliment. The ocean is full of incredibly amazing creatures. Gorgeous, majestic creatures!MELVINDude, calm down. Security is here.ROSSOh I wouldn’t worry about that.Ross points to the old security guard who is now doing a keg stand. The guys cheer as she tries to drink from the tap.The guys stand her back on her feet.FEMALE SECURITY GUARDThat’s the shit. Now who wants some vintage vagina, aged eighty years.Everyone laughs as they raise their beers, drunk and happy.EXT. ROSS AND MELVIN’S APARTMENT - DAYTravis repeatedly rings the doorbell to his friends apartment as he checks his watch and yells through the door. TRAVISGuys, let’s go. Wake the hell up.From the car, Megan yells out to him.MEGANTell those losers to get their asses out here. We’re late.INT./EXT. ROSS AND MELVINS APARTMENT - CONTINUOUSThe door opens and Melvin appears in his underwear, he shields his eyes from the bright son.MELVINWhat time is it?TRAVISIt’s seven, we have to go.MELVINSorry, that was a hell of a night.TRAVISWhat the hell?The old female security guard from last nights party pushes past Melvin. She is half dressed, pants in her arms.FEMALE SECURITY GUARDHey, gotta go. I’m late for work.She gives Melvin a kiss on the cheek, he winces.FEMALE SECURITY GUARD (CONT’D)I had a great night. This guy is a tiger in the sack.TRAVISI bet he is.FEMALE SECURITY GUARD(looks at watch)Shit, I’m really late. Call me.She runs down the driveway, past a disgusted Megan.TRAVISYou’re a sick man.MELVINYou know what they say, once you go old, no other fits the mold.TRAVISNo one has ever said that, now come on. Where’s Ross?MELVINI think he passed out on the toilet. Give us ten minutes.EXT. DRIVEWAY - DAYMelvin walks towards the car with a suitcase. As they load the car, Megan stands, looking irritated.MELVINSo, Megan. Getting married on a cruise ship, how exciting huh?MEGAN(under her breath)Sure, I can throw you off the side and no one would ever miss you.MELVINWhat’s that?MEGANI mean, yeah, it’s great. You mind telling ‘Garth Vader’ to hurry his ass up.On cue, Ross emerges from the apartment carrying two massive suitcases while pulling a large chest behind him. TRAVISHow many outfits are you bringing? Enough to clothe the entire ship?ROSSWhat do you mean. I only packed two changes of clothes.TRAVISThis reminds me. When we get back we have to have a serious discussion about your weight.ROSSOh relax, I’m just big boned.MEGANBig boned? That must be a huge bone in your gut. And look, another huge bone in your ass.ROSSNice to see you too Megan.MEGANBite me. Why are you guys so behind? Did you drink your weight in alcohol?ROSSLay off Meg. I have a stressful job. I needed the R and R.MEGANWhat do the R’s stand for? Rotund and Repellent?TRAVISThat’s enough you two.MEGANFine. Get in the car, we’re late.As Ross rounds the car, he mumbles to Travis.ROSSYou sure you want to marry this broad?TRAVISTake it easy, she’s just stressed. ROSSOkay, okay, I’m sorry. Let’s go.EXT. HARBOR - DAYThe group arrives at the harbor where a huge cruise ship awaits. Groups of people in vacation clothes crowd around, others board the ship.MELVINWow, would you look at the size of that thing?ROSSYeah, I bet it’s got a pool, shuffle board, the works. Hey, where are we going again?TRAVISThis is the only ship that travels to the Klondike Islands. I’ve seen pictures, it’s beautiful.MELVINKlondike huh? Never heard of them.As they are admiring the ship, CANDI (20’s), a ditsy blond type excitedly runs up to Megan and gives her a hug.CANDIHey girl. Sorry I’m late, I saw that shiny object in the parking lot again. MEGAN(sighs)What was it this time? Another bottle cap?CANDICandy wrapper. The wind kept blowing it away. By the time I had chased it down and realized what it was, the cab had left.Megan motions towards the guys.MEGANGuys, this is Candi. You know Travis. These are his friends. This is Melvin and the thing that you probably had mistaken for the ship is Ross. Candi and I went to volleyball camp together.CANDISo nice to meet you guys. Travis, how was the bachelor party?TRAVISWell I wasn’t allowed to go.Megan elbows him hard in the side.TRAVIS (CONT’D)Ow. I mean, I decided to stay home with my lovely fiance.CANDIDid you enjoy your last night as a single couple?TRAVISActually I slept on the couch.CANDIThat so?TRAVISYeah, she says that I breathe too loud when I sleep. CANDIOh, you snore.TRAVISNo, no. Just breathe.Melvin clears his throat.MELVINWell, how about we board the ship.INT. CRUISE SHIP HALLWAY - DAYThe group pulls their luggage down the halls of the ship. The interior is clean, white and modern.INT. MEGAN AND TRAVIS’ CABIN - CONTINUOUSThey enter Travis’ and Megan’s cabin. The room features a huge bed, side rooms and a large picture window.MELVINWow, this is a great room, you could fit fifty people in here.Ross walks up to an expansive mini-bar.ROSSLook at this. There’s enough booze in here to serve an army.Travis goes to the open picture window.TRAVISCheck out this view. I’m impressed.He is startled when a white dove flies in, landing on the sill. CANDIOh God. Someone kill it, it’s one of those flying white mice!TRAVISIt’s just a dove and it’s harmless. It has something in its beak.MEGANIt looks like a card.Travis carefully takes the card and reads it.TRAVISIt says: Welcome to our ship. Enjoy your time. We are here to serve you. Regards, the crew.MEGANHow lovely.TRAVISAnd look, it has something tied to its back.He gently unties the wrapped object and opens it. Inside is a decorative soap. He smells it.TRAVIS (CONT’D)Blackberry soap. This ship is great.MEGANI’m glad you like it. Candi, you will be in the next room over.ROSSI can’t wait to see our gift giving bird.MELVINMe too. I’ll assume that Ross and I will be staying with Candi.Megan gives them an evil sneer.MEGANDon’t you worry. I made special accommodations for you two.INT. ROSS AND MELVIN’S ROOM The friends stand in the doorway of Ross and Melvin’s dirty, third class cabin. Complete with a filthy floor, a dirty cot, a mini-bar full of empty beer bottles and a wooden cabinet.MELVINI can’t believe she had us stay in the barracks.TRAVISI’m so sorry guys.ROSSThere’s only one cot, where are we supposed to sleep?TRAVISYou’ll find a way. That pile of dirt in the corner looks comfy.ROSSI guess it’s not that bad. Look we have a mini-bar too.Ross picks up a beer bottle.ROSS (CONT’D)It looks like there is still some left in this one.He lifts it up and tips it down to pour it into his mouth. Instead of liquid, a large cockroach falls out of the bottle and onto his face. He shakes it off.ROSS (CONT’D)Ew, gross.Melvin approaches the dirty cabinet which sits on the floor.MELVINWhat’s in here?When he opens the cabinet door, he is startled by a sickly, hairless raccoon which drops a card, screeches and then runs out of the cabin.MELVIN (CONT’D)We got a damn raccoon. Look, it dropped this.He picks up the card.MELVIN (CONT’D)It says: Welcome to the barracks. If you survive the trip, please fill out a comment card.ROSSHey, where’s our decorative soap?MELVINIt left a pile of shit flavored soaps in the cabinet. This room is awful.TRAVISLet’s get your mind off of it. How about we go grab a beer before the rehearsal.For the rest of the screenplay, please email me at justinzipprich@live.comThanks for Reading!

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Brandon's Christmas Wish is a PG rated Christmas drama set in the present day. It concerns a young boy who embarks on a mission to find the perfect family for the holidays.

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EXT. DOWNTOWN - NIGHTChristmas Eve. Brightly lit Christmas trees are displayed in house windows and streetlights are decorated with the holiday spirit. Snow falls from the night sky.Mixed with the lights of the season is another type of flashing lights, those from two police cruisers parked next to a graffiti painted wall.Two officers handcuff the hands of BRANDON, 16, behind his back and direct him gently into the backseat of the cruiser.INT. HOUSE - NIGHTKAREN SIMPSON, 40, struggles to decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel when she hears a knock at the front door.KARENJust a moment.A second knock at the door frustrates Karen as she throws the long end of the tinsel over her shoulder and opens the door.INT./EXT. FRONT DOOR - NIGHTKaren is shocked to see a POLICE OFFICER standing outside with her son Brandon.KARENHello officer. Brandon? Is everything okay?Brandon has a tough expression on his face which remains as he pushes his way past Karen and into the house.BRANDONI didn’t do anything wrong.KARENBrandon, stop. Come back.The boy recedes further into the house as Karen turns back to the officer.KAREN (CONT’D)I’m sorry about this. What happened?POLICE OFFICERMa’am, we caught your son spray painting graffiti on an office building down by the main streetoverpass. That is a misdemeanor.The officer hands her a yellow ticket.KARENI’m so sorry officer, thank you forbringing him home. I’ll take careof it.When she attempts to close the door, the officer sticks an arm out and interjects.POLICE OFFICERMa’am, one more thing. I don’t mean to tell you how to parent your child but this is the second timewe’ve caught him destroying property. We hope not to see a third.KARENI really am sorry. I promise I’llhave a talk with him. It won’thappen again.The officer tips his hat.POLICE OFFICERHave a good night. Happy holidays.KARENYou too.KITCHENKaren walks into the kitchen where Brandon sits at the island, fully invested in his cell phone.KARENExcuse me mister but do you mindtelling me what that was all about?His eyes stay on the phone as he lets out a grunt. Frustrated, Karen takes the phone out of his hand.BRANDONGive it back.2.KARENThis is not the time to be messing around. This is the second time that you’ve been arrested in thelast month. What is going on with you?BRANDON(mumbling)I was just expressing myself.KARENThat is nonsense and you know it. Tell me what is going on.Brandon explodes out of the chair, raising his voice and throwing his arms in the air.BRANDONHonestly Karen, why do you even care? Just leave me alone.KARENI love you. I want to know why you’ve been lashing out like this. Come on, let’s talk.BRANDONWhatever Karen. I’m going to myroom.He heads for the hall.KARENYou know, you can call me mom.BRANDONI’m not a kid anymore and you’renot my real mom. Leave me alone.HALLHe turns around, storming down the hall.KAREN (O.S.)Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.BRANDONWhatever. I can’t wait till I’m eighteen to leave this dump.3.KITCHENIrritated, Karen leans against the counter, head in hands. DALE SIMPSON, 40, enters from the other room. He puts his arm around his wife’s shoulder.DALEI heard a knock at the door, is everything okay?KARENIt was the police, they just dropped off your son.DALEOh lord, again?KARENI just don’t understand what isgoing on with him. He keeps gettinginto trouble and he’s back tocalling me Karen. He just seems sounhappy.DALEI think he’s just getting to thatage where he knows everything andthinks that his parents arebrainless zombies. He’ll grow outof it.KARENI hope you’re right.DALETrust me.He kisses her forehead.KARENDinner’s about ready, why don’t youget the table ready.LATERDale, Karen and Brandon all sit around the table while eating in awkward silence.DALESo Brandon, it sounds like you had an eventful evening. Want to talk about it?4.BRANDONNo Dale, I don’t.DALEYou can call me dad, I think Ideserve that much.BRANDONGeez, can you guys just lay off? Iwas just painting, the cops havenothing better to do.DALEThink about the business owners.How do you think they will feelwhen they show up to work in themorning?BRANDONI guess they’ll appreciate thefresh paint job. I really don’tknow Dale, I don’t think I didanything wrong.DALEWell you’re going to have a lot oftime to think about it because youare grounded for the rest of thewinter.Brandon throws down his silverware.BRANDONThat’s not fair. You are totallyoverreacting.KARENDale, that may be a little rough.BRANDONYeah, you can’t do that.DALEOh I think I can. You know thedeal. As long as you’re under myroof, you’ll follow my rules.BRANDONThat’s fine.The boy stands from his seat.5.BRANDON (CONT’D)Then I won’t live under your roofanymore. I am out of here.He grabs his coat and goes for the front door.KARENBrandon wait, can’t we just getalong? It’s Christmas Eve afterall.BRANDONI hate Christmas.He exits the house, slamming the door behind him.KARENDale, go talk to him.DALEIt’s alright, let him get some air.After five minutes of freezing hisbutt off he’ll be begging to comeback in.KARENI hope you’re right.DALEI am. Come on, let’s finish dinner.EXT. FRONT YARD - NIGHTOutside the snow is dropping in thick flakes. Brandon comes around the house, brushing snow from his face as he pulls his jacket tighter.He is about to start walking down the sidewalk when he looks to the driveway and notices the family car.INT. CAR - NIGHTBrandon hunkers into the front seat of the vehicle, he lowers the visor, discovering the keys. He starts the car and pulls out of the driveway as Dale runs out, calling after him. Ignoring him, he keeps driving, using the windshield wipers to try and see though the falling blankets of snow. He hears his cell phone ring. As he tries to dig it out of his pocket, the steering wheel slides.6.He straightens the car just in time to dodge an oncoming vehicle that honks loudly, its headlights in his face. The phone finally free, he chances a look at it. The display reads: “Mom Calling.”BRANDONYeah right.He hangs up the phone without answering. When he looks back up at the road, he sees bright truck headlights blinding him. Frantic, Brandon tries to swerve out of the way but it is too late. As his vehicle and the truck come within inches of colliding, Brandon see’s a different kind of bright light as his life begins to flash before his eyes.FLASHBACK MONTAGE -- BRANDON’S EARLY LIFE-- HOSPITAL ROOM -- A newborn Brandon looks up at his birth mother as she cradles him in her arms.-- CHILDHOOD HOME -- A five year old Brandon tries to wake his mom who is passed out on the couch, beer bottles strewn about.INT. BRANDON’S BEDROOM - DAYThe flashback settles on a YOUNG BRANDON, 8, as he shoots out of bed. MARSHMALLOW, his stuffed rabbit secured under one arm.SUPER: “Eight Years Earlier”Brandon rubs the sleep out of his eyes then does the same for Marshmallow.YOUNG BRANDONGood morning Marshmallow.He is startled by a hollering from downstairs.YOUNG BRANDON (CONT’D)Here we go again. Come on, let’sinvestigate.He rolls off the mattress, makes the bed then heads out the bedroom door.7.HALLWAY/LIVING ROOMHe creeps partway down the stairs and peeks though the railing spindles. In the beer bottle filled living room, he sees his mother ABBY, mid 20’s, a leather wearing punk chick, screaming at an older tattoo covered MUSCLE BOUND GUY.ABBYI told you to get the hell out ofmy house.MUSCLE BOUND GUYI ain’t going nowhere.Abby picks up an empty beer bottle and hurls it at the man, it shatters against the wall, inches from him.MUSCLE BOUND GUY (CONT’D)Relax babe.YOUNG BRANDONMommy?The sound of his voice startles them, they look at him.ABBYShoot, Brandon, go back to your room.YOUNG BRANDONWe heard yelling.MUSCLE BOUND GUYWho’s we? You got some other guyhidden upstairs?ABBYHe’s talking about his stupidstuffed animal.MUSCLE BOUND GUYYour kid still talks to a stuffedanimal? What a baby.Brandon hugs Marshmallow tighter.YOUNG BRANDONMommy, who is that?ABBYIt’s none of your business. Now getback to your room.8.MUSCLE BOUND GUYYou didn’t tell me you had a kid.ABBYDon’t worry about the kid, get outof my house.When the man still doesn’t leave, she throws another beer bottle at him.MUSCLE BOUND GUYFine, I’m leaving.He closes the door behind him. Abby throws one more bottle at the door for good measure.ABBYJerk.Brandon comes down the stairs and hugs his mother.YOUNG BRANDONGood morning mommy.She brushes him off.ABBYThat’s enough. Don’t you haveschool to go to or something?YOUNG BRANDONOf course, it’s Friday, the lastday before Christmas break. Can youdrive me there?ABBYYou know I don’t have time forthat. Someone’s got to make moneyaround here. I’ve got to go, I’mout of booze.Brandon watches as his mother opens the front door.YOUNG BRANDONLove you mommy.His comment falls on deaf ears, the door slams behind her. He shifts his gaze from the door to the stuffed bunny. The toy has seen better days, it’s dirty, covered in holes and one ear is torn halfway off.9.YOUNG BRANDON (CONT’D)Well Marshmallow, I guess it isjust you and me again. Let’s seewhat is on TV.He turns on the television and sits in front of it. A re-run of an old 1970’s family sitcom plays. On the screen a large happy family sit around the dinner table, enjoying their meal while laughing.He pets his bunny while calming it down.YOUNG BRANDON (CONT’D)Don’t worry about the noise, it wasjust mom yelling at her newboyfriend. It’s over now.He looks at the stuffed animal as if it is speaking to him.YOUNG BRANDON (CONT’D)That’s not true Marshmallow, momdoes love us. She doesn’t mean whatshe says, she’s just a differentkind of mommy.Bunny responds.YOUNG BRANDON (CONT’D)No matter, we have our TV family tokeep us company.On the television screen, the sitcom family engage in a group hug before credits roll as the episode comes to an end.YOUNG BRANDON (CONT’D)Time to get ready for school.For the rest of the screenplay, please email me at justinzipprich@live.comThanks for Reading!

All material on is copyrighted by Justin Zipprich. Not to be used without permission.

All material on is copyrighted by Justin Zipprich. Not to be used without permission.


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